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Boxer Dog Breed Essay

The Boxer dog can be traced from Germany in the 19th century after a period of 100 years. However, its ancestors are associated with some breeds of dog in Europe in 16th century (Cohen). Its two ancestors, Bullenbeiszer and Barrenbeiszer, were crossed with powerful breeds from Mastiff and Bulldog. Historically, this breed of dog was famous in hunting, theater, dog fighting, baiting, circus dog, controlling grazing animals and pulling of cart. Its name originated from its attacking behavior by the use of forelegs in a standing position. Boxer dog is talented in various activities including police work, obedience, tricks, watchdog, military operations, courier, rescue operations and search activities (Cohen). Generally, the dog’s breed exists in two main types which are American Boxer and German one (Kingdom of Pets Ltd. 2019).

In America, it was first recognized in 1904. In 1930, Boxer dog breed increased its popularity in the United States. Presently this breed of dog is well recognized for its loyalty, companion and perfect guard purposes (Gallagher).

Physically, Boxer has the square, compact and masculine body, with smooth reflecting coat. It also has wide, short muzzle with brindle, white, tan, fawn, mahogany, or red coat with some white decorations (Gallagher). Similarly, Boxer nose is basically clear and black in color with dark brown eyes. Its highly set tail is commonly docked with erect, thin ears which are triangular in shape (Kingdom of Pets Ltd. 2019). However, when its ears are cropped, they should be regularly trained to stand well on the head. The boxer neck is usually round with absence of dewlap (Gallagher). When this breed of dog is viewed from its front side, its legs would be seen standing straight and parallel to one another. Similarly, its hind legs are perfectly muscled. The male Boxer which has grown to maturity has an approximate height of 22-25 inches and body weight of 60-70 pounds while their female counterparts are approximately 21-24 inches in body height and 55-65 pounds body weight (Gallagher).

Just like other breeds, Boxer dog has some behavioral as well as health problems. In this regard, Boxer may experience dysplasia. This condition may result in body swellings, arthritis and mobility problems. Similarly, it can face some skin tumors, heart complications, digestive complications and flatulence. In extreme health conditions in the white type of breed, deafness may be noticed. At eight years old, they possess high chances of contracting complications. Some of these complications are hereditary just like in any living organisms (Kingdom of Pets Ltd. 2019). In addition, Boxer dogs can easily snore as well as drool. To evade these problems as a breeder, one should maintain breeds from kernel clubs which are less prone to such health risks. The Boxer breed is well known for its happiness, courage, keenness, loyalty, alertness, curiosity, playfulness, affection, high spirit and energy (Gallagher). Its intelligence is quite high and this makes its learning easier. This breed of dog like spending most of its time with the family and enjoy maximally children’s company. When Boxer is well trained on socialization, it perfectly gets along with both family members and other domestic animals like cats and farm birds. However, its relationship with rodents is quite tempting. In whatever they are handling, boxer dog basically uses its forelegs and like jumping high when playing (Kingdom of Pets Ltd. 2019). Moreover, the natural nature of this breed is to protect the owner, his home and family (Cohen). In all its behaviors, Boxer relies on the instructions from the owner; thus it is encouraged that it gets proper training on the way you want it to behave. They are too much athletic even during their old stage. This breed of dog requires daily physical and mental practices (Kingdom of Pets Ltd. 2019). If this is not observed, the dog may turn out to be high strung. In the training sessions, Boxer breed requires to begin when young with consistent owner with the aim of making it possess pack leader status. However, the owners should not, at any time, be meek, for this would lead to improper training. In this regard, a Boxer dog can as well be stubborn, demanding, uncontrollable, sneaky and boisterous (Cohen). Since this dog is playful, it needs a well-set garden for its daily exercise.

Alternatively, it can survive in an apartment on condition that the apartment can allow effective and efficient exercise. However, a Boxer raised in an apartment would enjoy a daily walk. Extreme cold or heat does not favor its survival since its body temperature easily builds up and diminishes very fast thus should be avoided (Kingdom of Pets Ltd. 2019). Similarly, Boxer dog displays high standards of self-control and always eat when necessary. In this regard, it relies on only two basic meals daily. Similarly, this breed of dog can be well nourished from completely dried food and abundance of water which is fresh in taste and composition.

The interactivity aspect of Boxer dogs signifies much on their love for companies. In such companies, the dog enjoys some games like the fetch game. The life expectancy of this breed is averagely 12 to 14 years (Kingdom of Pets Ltd. 2019). This life span can be improved through proper exercise, proper health care and balance diets (Gallagher). The fact that Boxer dog has short and tight hair makes it easier to groom it by the use of brush with short and strong bristles. Similarly, its coat can easily be wiped with some wet cloth when appropriate (Kingdom of Pets Ltd. 2019). On the other hand, the Boxer breed gives birth to an average of 6 puppies. Though this breed of dog was originally known fighting, presently it has been proved to be one of the most beneficial breeds of dog (Kingdom of Pets Ltd. 2019).

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